• 2 reusable masks
  • With filter insert pocket
  • Includes 1 surgical mask for filter


The masks can help reduce the spread of germs in public. They help prevent us from spreading our germs through saliva when we speak, cough, sneeze or laugh.

These Not hospital grade surgical or N95 masks. Do not share used masks.masks are


The masks work even without a filter. To increase the filtration of your mask, please use materials that:

  • Allow you to breathe easily
  • Stay dry even when you perspire
  • Do not shed harmful particles or chemicals when you breathe

United, we can keep ourselves and our communities safe

  • Wash or sanitise your hands frequently

  • Always keep a safe distance from other people

  • Use a mask when talking to others

  • If you are unwell, wear a mask and see a doctor

MaskForce was formed to connect partners to rally support from across Singapore to source and distribute reusable masks to those in need. This exercise focused on the distribution of masks to 400,000 migrant workers (mostly living in dormitories) and 250,000 domestic helpers in Singapore. Please read the media release for more information.

We hope the washable and reusable masks will help you to stay safe
and protected. We also thank the many donors, sponsors and partners
who helped in this project.

Our donors:

  • Stephen Riady Foundation
  • Yihao Cyber Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Ms Dorothy Ng-Chan
    Far East Organization
  • The Shaw Foundation Pte
  • Nuri Holdings
  • Mr Teo Chiang Long
    Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd
  • Mr Chang Meng Kiat
  • Mr Lam Yew Cheong
  • Mr Oan Chim Seng
  • Mr & Mrs Yao Hsiao Tung
    Hi-P International Ltd
  • Mr Yin Fook Cheong
  • Mr Ang Kiam Meng
  • Mdm Tan Ai Wang

Our sponsors-in-kind for surgical masks:

  • Nuri Holdings
  • Mrs Dorothy Ng-Chan
    Far East Organization
  • Mrs Tjendri Anastasia Liew
    Bengawan Solo Pte Ltd
  • Tan Kong Piat Pte Ltd
  • Ms Jean Yip
    Jean Yip Salon Pte Ltd
  • Ms Elaine Ng Sock Leng
  • Mr Mark Tan
    Way Fengshui Group
  • Teochew Entrepreneurs Club

Our fundraising partners:

  • Ms Dorothy Ng-Chan
  • Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, JP

Our partners:

  • A Craft Initiative
  • Bodynits
  • Brother International Singapore
    and their business partners
  • Centre for Domestic Employees
  • Common Suits
  • CYC
  • Danovel
  • Esta
  • Estil
  • Fuschia Lane
  • Hock Joo Tex
  • Justmen
  • Looms
  • Meizi
  • Migrant Workers’ Centre
  • Spring Knitwear
  • Teo Garments
  • Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF)

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