Hawker Food Delivery Programme


Having dinner delivered to their doorstep not only protects the elderly, it also gives a hand-up to those experiencing a loss of income due to the pandemic, such as city area hawkers as well as other professions.


In a partnership with The Food Bank Singapore, Temasek Foundation provided 34,000 meals to vulnerable beneficiaries from May 2020. These meals were purchased from hawkers located in hawker centres across the island, so as to support those whose businesses had been adversely affected by the circuit breaker. The meals were delivered to families in need by unemployed or low-income workers looking to supplement their income, along with volunteers.

Back to School Face Shields and Hand Sanitisers


As students went back to school after the circuit breaker, Temasek Foundation partnered the Early Childhood Development Agency and Ministry of Education to give care items to all pre-school, early intervention centres, primary, secondary, special education (SPED), junior college and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students and teachers, to help them stay safe.


Pre-school, primary, secondary, special education and junior college students received two bottles of hand sanitiser each: one 50ml pocket-sized sanitiser to carry with them, and a larger one of 500ml to refill the smaller one.


Pre-school and primary school students were given a face shield each, as added protection. All pre-school teachers and staff were also provided with face shields and oximeters.


In addition, students, service contractors and staff at ITE were each given a pair of reusable masks, one 50ml pocket-sized sanitiser to carry with them and a 500ml bottle of hand sanitiser each.


This initiative benefitted more than 650,000 students, 42,000 teachers and contract staff.

Trauma Network for Children

The Trauma Network for Children is Singapore’s first community network designed specifically to support children with trauma. It was established in 2016 by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in partnership with Temasek Foundation.


Since its inception in 2016, more than 3,200 children affected by various forms of trauma and parents have been provided with therapy and psychological support through programmes under the Trauma Network for Children. The programmes have also built the capability of the community by training more than 1,200 therapists, school counsellors and social workers to deliver the appropriate support and intervention for these children.

#BYOBclean Beyond Singapore’s Shores


#BYOBclean is a ‘bring your own bottle’ initiative first started by Temasek Foundation in March 2020, which provided 500ml of free hand sanitiser for each household in Singapore. Since then, #BYOBclean has gone beyond the shores of Singapore to Indonesia and Malaysia.


In April 2020, Temasek Foundation donated over 200,000 litres (or 400,000 bottles) of hand sanitiser for the #BYOB initiative in Batam that was distributed to households in Batam. Residents brought their own clean, recycled bottles to collect their free hand sanitiser. Similar distribution efforts have also taken place in Jambi and Bintan, Indonesia, and in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


The #BYOBclean initiative in the region is part of Temasek Foundation’s wider efforts of donating medical equipment and test kits to international communities to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.