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Staying Prepared, Together

Stay Safe, Keep Well

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Stay Home, Stay Prepared

Stay Well, Stay Prepared

Know The Signs, Stay Prepared

Stay Prepared for the New Normal

Stay Prepared, Back to School

Stay Safe, Protect Ourselves

Stay Prepared, Stay Well


Keeping Well during COVID-19

You can help #StopTheSpread of #COVID19 just by washing your hands. Here’s when you should do it.


During this circuit breaker period, are you wearing a homemade mask when you’re headed out for essential activities? If so, here are some DIY tips to help boost your protection.


Using your face mask incorrectly could still leave you vulnerable to viruses like #COVID19. Here are some tips to help you prevent this.


No access to soap and water? That’s when hand sanitisers can help #StopTheSpread of viruses like #COVID19. Here are some important tips on how to use them properly.


Here is why we need to #StandTogether and help #StopTheSpread.


Distribution of Hand Sanitisers

Personal hygiene essentials have been flying off local supermarket shelves amid concerns over #COVID19. Find out how we’ve been working with a small group of individuals to procure, assemble and re-package hand sanitisers for those on the frontlines and communities in need.

Watch how we’ve been partnering various organisations to provide our local frontline workers and communities with hand sanitisers – “gotong royong” style. 

Thanks to the many helping hands from over 80 organisations during the two weeks of #BYOBclean public distribution, nearly 600,000 households in Singapore received their hand sanitisers for their families. Watch to see what went on behind the scenes.

Press Releases

Temasek Foundation partners People’s Association, corporates, unions, universities and community organisations to provide free hand sanitisers to Singapore households.
Update on Collection Centres for #BYOBclean Initiative.