Supporting Seniors & Elderly

24/7 Care for Seniors

20 May 2020  |   4 min read

CareLine, a 24/7 personal care telephone service by Changi General Hospital (CGH), provides health and social support to seniors who are frail or living alone, helping to keep our seniors safe.

When a client enrolls with CareLine, a care relationship is built with them to better assist them. When they call CareLine for help, the care that they need is coordinated, which includes linking them up with agencies.

If something untoward happens to seniors at home – for example, if they feel unwell or fall, – they may not know what to do, and may feel scared or anxious. In such situations, CareLine is there to support them round the clock.

CareLine Client Service Associates also initiate care calls on a regular basis to check on the well-being of their clients and to strengthen the care relationship.

A telecare service might seem unimportant for most independent seniors on a normal day, given that well-established care services are available in most parts of our community. But the COVID-19 situation has brought on new challenges for our seniors, in particular, seniors who live alone or have poor social support. They face a greater risk of experiencing isolation and difficulty in coping.

The CareLine Call Centre Team provides round the clock support to seniors (Photo Credits: Changi General Hospital)

In particular, seniors who are living alone or have poor social support face a greater risk of isolation and insecurity.

During this period, CareLine is especially important for our seniors. It provides them with peace of mind, knowing that help is just a call away. They know that they can reach CareLine any time of the day, on any day of the week. When they call, their calls will be picked up right away, and they will be greeted by name.

Many seniors also welcome and appreciate the proactive care calls from CareLine as they know someone is looking out for them.

Mdm Y is 77 years old and lives alone in a one-room flat. In May last year, she received a mobile phone with the CareLine app through a programme supported by Temasek Foundation. Later that month, Mdm Y informed the CareLine team that her health had deteriorated due to her health issues. Having to undergo regular treatments made her feel weak and lose her appetite.

She was emotional in her conversations with CareLine, worried that her time might be up. But having someone to talk to, gave her a sense of reassurance. Today, the CareLine call centre team provides Mdm Y with not just a listening ear, but also offers her support and checks in on her well-being.

A senior with the CareLine phone and app (Photo credits: Temasek Foundation)

The support that CareLine provides to seniors ranges from providing a listening ear and basic emotional support, to linking those with specific needs to community partners. This is enabled through CareLine’s strong network with partners such as the Silver Generation Office, government agencies and community organisations.

Caregivers or seniors who are interested to know more about the programme can call the CareLine Enquiry Team at 6340 7054 (open weekdays from 9am to 5pm).

This article is contributed by the CareLine Team at Changi General Hospital.