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Coping With Trauma – For Teens

23 July 2021  |   2 min read

When tragedy strikes a school community, it may traumatise children and youths who witness the incident or read about it, and worry for their own safety. Trauma affects each person differently and some may need help to process their thoughts and feelings. Learn more about trauma in children and youths – what it is, the signs and symptoms, and where to seek help.

This content is republished with permission from the Trauma Network for Children, led by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. 

The Stay Prepared – Trauma Network for Children (TNC) programme is a joint collaboration between KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) and Temasek Foundation. It aims to enhance the psychosocial capability of the Singapore community to support children and youth after crises or traumatic events. For more resources, visit the Trauma Network for Children Website at www.childtraumanetwork.sg.