Supporting Children

My Mental Health Podcast: How to Teach Your Child Self-Regulation Skills?

A podcast series for parents, caregivers and teachers working with young children

17 February 2021  |   < 1 min read

Join the doctors, psychologists and allied health professionals from Child Development Unit at the National University Hospital as they discuss social-emotional health in young children and share knowledge and tips on how to better support children with behavioural or developmental needs.

Episode 2: How to Teach your Child Self-Regulation Skills?

What triggers meltdowns or tantrums in children? Can young children be taught how to manage their own emotions and behaviours?

In this episode, Dr Kalyani Mulay (Consultant) and Ms Chiang Jing Jing (Senior Occupational Therapist) help you understand the concept of self-regulation and provide tips on how you can support your child’s self-regulation skills.

Learn more about self-regulation here: 9 Tips to build your child’s self-regulation skills

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