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Youth Mental Health Campaign by TF

5 September 2022  |   3 min read

The Youth Mental Health Programme is an initiative by Temasek Foundation, in partnership with Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Mediacorp, to raise awareness of youth mental health and wellbeing in Singapore.

Watch/read the content at the links below:

WATCH: Truths About Us《别来无恙》

Ten-episode drama series that spotlights different youth mental health struggles and how they impact relationships in the family and among peers. Starring Ya Hui, Zong Zijie, Fang Rong, Ayden Sng and JJ Neo. (Mandarin with English subtitles)
Aired 22 February- 26 April 2022 on Channel 8, now available on MeWatch

Watch Episode 1 below:

WATCH: Breaking the Silence《打破沉默》

An two-episode series featuring 6 local youths who share first-person accounts of their mental health struggles. (Narrated & subtitled in 4 languages)
Aired 27 May-6 April 2022 on CNA, Channels 5, 8, Suria and Vasantham, now available on MeWatch

Watch the English episodes below:


Investigative series featuring perspectives of youths, caregivers, mental health experts, and schools. (Videos in English with English subtitles)
Aired/published 30 April–2 May 2022 on CNA website

Watch the two-part video below:


Read the three-part article below:

Image courtesy of Mediacorp

WATCH: Do You Feel The Same Way as Them?

Local youths react to common comments and misconceptions about mental health, and share what they wish people knew about what it is like to live with mental health struggles. (English with English subtitles)
Available on Temasek Foundation YouTube 

WATCH: Can We Have A Conversation?

Music video featuring local singer-songwriter Gentle Bones, with song lyrics inspired by personal sharings from youths. (English with English subtitles)
Available on TF Facebook

READ: Young people in S’pore, there’s no shame in seeking mental help (Mothership.sg)

Mental health experts explain why Singapore youths struggle to reach out. Click here to read.

READ: Gen Y Speaks (TodayOnline)

“Seeking treatment for depression, self-loathing changed my life. Now I hope to help others with similar struggles.” Click here for the English version and here for the Mandarin version.

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