#YOUthTalk Artworks: Eden School

20 August 2020  |   5 min read

Art is a powerful and therapeutic medium that allows one to express thoughts, emotions and feelings. Enjoy these artworks submitted by students of Eden School on these themes – Gratitude, Self-Care and Stay Prepared.

Wear A Mask

Wear a mask when you are sick and to protect yourself from Covid’19

Louis Tan Kay How (Chen Qi Hao), 11

Louis is a student with autism. He loves creating black and white drawings with just a permanent marker. He often draws things of interest such as buses, SMRT, air-con, computer and radio. He includes intricate details into his drawings from memory and they are always shockingly accurate.

The Lake Monster and Jeff

Adis can be as angry as the Lake Monster and calms down when he plays with Jeff.

Adis Kaisan Bin Rasid, 11

Adis is a student with autism. He loves playing the Play Station 4. Far Cry Primal is his favourite game. He loves drawing sabertooth tiger, mammoth and the tyrannosaurus rex with colour pencils. He is imaginative with his drawings and will express the scene that he has created.

Hungry Bird and Chocolate

Can be as angry as Angry Bird and a calming monster when he eats chocolate.

Lee Zhen Tao, 11

Zhen Tao is a student with autism. He has many favourite cartoon characters and loves drawing them. Some of his favourites are Zellygo, Larva and Angry Birds. Besides drawing with markers and paper, he enjoys creating art pieces on the computer software ‘Paint’.

Fiery Stays at Home

Stay at home and eat healthy when you are sick.

Tan Hong Sheng, 12

Hong Sheng is a student with autism. He enjoys social interactions with teachers and friends. He loves incorporating daily activities into his drawings. He often initiates to show his drawings to those around him. Telling him that his drawing is beautiful will make his day.

Tired and Chocolate

Chocolate gives me energy when I am tired. I can play with my friends.

Ilhan Danish Mohammad Farhan, 11

Danish is a student with autism. He is extremely creative and imaginative. He will amalgamate different interests together such as country flags and cartoon characters. His favourite cartoon is the Number blocks!

Staying Happy and Calm

Jaylen enjoys watching soccer. He watches the Juventus soccer match at 12.20pm. He also enjoys playing basketball and soccer. Jaylen is happy when he gets to do all these.

Jaylen Lai Kai Le, 13

Jaylen is a student with autism. He likes playing football, and his favourite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He loves playing football with my friends.

Play with Reyhan

Zahirah is happy when she gets to play with Reyhan.

Nur Zahirah Bte Kamaldin, 8

Zahirah is a student with autism. She loves interacting with people. She often draws activities that she does with her family such as swimming

Breathing In and Out

Taking long and deep breaths helps me to calm down

Chawaphon Phungnoi, 13

Chawaphon is a student with autism. He likes dogs, especially huskies, because he finds them cute. He also enjoys cycling around his neighbourhood after school.

Thank You for Keeping the Manatees Safe

Guozhi wants to thank the people who take cares of the sea animals; especially the manatees.

Ruan Guozhi, 13

Guozhi is a student with autism. He enjoys doing art and playing the piano in his free time. He loves all animals and likes to share fun facts about these animals to people around him. His favourite animal is the manatee. He hopes that the surrounding waters of Singapore is clean enough so that the endangered manatees can live there.

Thank You Cop!

Brandon wants to thank the police for keeping the neighbourhood safe by catching criminals.

Brandon Quek Joon Seng, 13

Brandon is a student with autism. He loves to draw short comic strip with his favourite video games characters. He is also interested in gaming computers and can share about the latest models if asked. His dream is to be a policeman like his father; to do good and catch criminals in Singapore.

About Eden School:
The mission of Eden School is to provide a quality education through an autism-focused curriculum, competent staff and strong family collaboration. The primary goal of our Eden curriculum is to provide an educational experience that will empower our students on the autism spectrum to live productive and fulfilling lives with the greatest degree of independence that they are capable of achieving.