#YOUthTalk Artworks: Grace Orchard School

26 August 2020  |   5 min read

Art is a powerful and therapeutic medium that allows one to express thoughts, emotions and feelings. Enjoy these artworks submitted by students of Grace Orchard School on these themes – Gratitude, Self-Care and Stay Prepared.

Grateful for Nature

In this artwork, Al Fiyanri was guided to draw a majestic hill covered with pretty flowers

Muhammad Al Fiyanri Bin Junairi, 11

Al Fiyanri likes to play games, badminton, drawing, folding origami and Doraemon.

Grateful for My Caregivers

In this artwork, Ezra was guided draw a nature-themed thank you card to express his gratitude to his caregivers. He uses bold pink colour for his flowers which helps them stand out from the sea of grass.

Ezra Nehemiah Josias Brown, 16

Ezra is a student with autism who enjoys dancing to songs he likes such as those by the band One Direction and using the iPad.

Be Prepared. Be Safe

An illustration depicting different ways to stay prepare and be safe from infectious diseases through these precautionary measures.

Rylene Rei Ang Hui (Hong Hui), 17

Rylene Rei loves to doodle on her sketchbook. Her drawings are often joyful and filled with vibrant colours.

Grateful for My Caregivers

In this artwork, Kyrell had chosen to express his gratitude with a single lollipop flower nestled against a cheerful yellow background which is his favourite colour.

Yong Shao Heng, Kyrell, 9

Kyrell is a student with autism who likes eating rice and dancing to YouTube music. He likes the colour yellow.

My Self-Care Day

A composition of her ideal self-care day inspired by her daily experiences, observations and interactions with her friends and teachers in school.

Lim Xing Yu Renna, 16

Renna Lim is a cheerful and chatty youth who enjoys expressing herself through dancing and drawing as well as staying socially connected to her peers via social media apps.

Grateful for My Caregivers

In this artwork, Sheng Kun has chosen to express his gratitude with pretty tulips set against a peaceful blue backdrop.

Chiew Sheng Kun, 10

Sheng Kun is a diligent student who also likes playing computer games.

Grateful for Nature

In this artwork, Akid was guided to draw birds feeding on grains. He uses a variety of colours to enliven his piece.

Danial Akid Said Bin Amir Nash Rizuan, 8

Akid is sweet and respectful towards his classmates, teachers and family members. He is a student with autism who enjoys playing with friends, praises from teachers, showcasing his work and watching PJ Masks cartoon.

Grateful for My Caregivers

During Circuit Breaker, as part of Home-Based Learning (HBL), she was taught to show gratitude to healthcare professionals for their selfless care to the patients. In this artwork, Jovene planted her flower on a golden ray of sunshine to express her gratitude to the Healthcare Professionals who revived, brought sunshine and hope to many lives!

Jovene Chok, 11

Jovene is a bubbly and friendly girl who always greets others with “Hello”, shows gratitude with “Thank You” and says “Please”. She loves outdoor activities, especially cycling and inline skating.

Gratitude starts within the school

An illustration of students of Grace Orchard School giving thanks and expressing gratitude to their teachers and caregivers in multiple ways.

Muhammad Izzat Bin Abdullah, 16

Izzat is a quiet and soft-spoken youth who likes to express his thoughts and ideas by drawing.

Blooming with Gratitude

A composition of blooming flowers with abstract lines and shapes that is colourful and vibrant.

Nur Assyakirin Binte Sam Ali, 17

Nur Assyakirin is always ready to pick up new skills. Currently, she is dabbling with different mediums such as chalk pastels, markers and coloured pencils to create drawings of diverse elements.

Start your day by saying thank you

The bright and cheerful tubular-shaped flowers in pink and yellow and bold leaves conveys gratitude at the beginning of each day.

Choh Tek Poh, 16

Tek Poh enjoys drawing and his style of drawing is rendered in bold line work and lively composition.

About Grace Orchard School:
Grace Orchard School caters to students who have been diagnosed with Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) and those with Mild Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The school is specifically for students ranging from 7-18 years old who have Intellectual Quotient (IQ) which falls within the range of 50-70.