#YOUthTalk Artworks: Pathlight School

6 August 2020  |   5 min read

Art is a powerful and therapeutic medium that allows one to express thoughts, emotions and feelings. Enjoy these artworks submitted by students of Pathlight School on these themes – Gratitude, Self-Care and Stay Prepared.

I like my family and home. I am thankful that I have my Mummy, Daddy and Meimei (little sister). I feel happy and loved when I am at home. I drew a rainbow over my house because it is colourful and beautiful, just like my home.

Chang Wai Yan Abigail, 7, Primary 1

Abigail is a shy and soft-spoken girl. She likes spending most of her time drawing, colouring, painting, and playing dress-up as Disney princesses. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as going to parks and playgrounds.

I drew this to teach people the proper way to wear a mask. There are two sides to a mask. One is blue and the other is white. The blue side faces the front, away from your face. Being waterproof, it stops droplets or germs from getting stuck to it. The white side absorbs droplets from your coughs and sneezes. Remember, it works only if you wear it right!

Lee Yu Xuan Avril, 11, Primary 5

Avril is an aspiring, self-taught digital artist, who loves drawing characters from her imagination, in an anime style. Art is a way for her to express her inner thoughts and bringing it into reality through her drawings and colouring.

I drew this image of the PowerPuff girls to encourage people to stay safe and fight this COVID-19 battle together

Foong Zi Xuan, 11, Primary 6

Zi Xuan loves drawing comic strips with humorous story lines. Focusing on drawing helps him to relax. He enjoys swimming and playing the piano. He has a keen sense of hearing and can immediately tell when it is out of tune.

“X-Avengers: The Corona-Battle” is about a team of Singapore Superheroes who battle against COVID-19. I was watching the news on TV when I learnt that the coronavirus had developed into a global pandemic. Thereafter, I imagined my friends and I becoming superheroes who fought the coronavirus supervillains and defeated them.

Samuel Chia Rui Zhi, 12, Primary 6

Samuel enjoys drawing comics and pictures and creating crafts. He wishes for the world to have peace and joy, instead of wars, discrimination and COVID-19. He created the comics to inspire courage in times of adversity.

These are my favourite cartoon characters. When they face challenges, they do not give up fighting – just like our healthcare workers who do not give up in the fight against COVID-19. I made this drawing to encourage them to keep on fighting and to express my appreciation for everything that they have done for the country.

Faith Lim Kaylin, 12, Secondary 1

Faith has a keen interest in drawing since she was young. When she draws her favourite cartoon characters, it helps take her mind off issues that may be troubling her. The encouragement from others and affirmation of the efforts she put into her work are her main sources of motivation.

The concept of my drawing comes from my desire to see an end to the virus. I am confident that mankind will overcome this virus once a vaccine is developed. I hope I can encourage healthcare providers to keep soldiering on with my drawing of hope.

Lim Jing Yang Marcus, 17, Vocational Track Year 5

Drawing makes Marcus happy. He enjoys painting his favourite characters and is working on a project to re-decorate his bedroom with wall paintings of them. Marcus is a member of Pathlight School’s Artist Development Programme (ADP), a signature programme that aims to uncover artistic talents in students and give them opportunities to showcase their art at public exhibitions and translate them into merchandise to earn royalties.

About Pathlight School:
Pathlight School is the first autism-focused school in Singapore that offers Singapore’s mainstream academic curriculum together with life readiness skills. It caters to students on the autism spectrum and related conditions, aged 7 to 18 years, who are cognitively able to access mainstream academic curriculum but require additional support such as smaller class sizes, special accommodations and teaching staff trained in autism.