To raise awareness of home emergencies, Temasek Foundation provided home owners and rental tenants of newly-completed public housing developments with first aid kits and knowledge on how to manage emergencies at home.

Essential supplies in a first aid kit:

A first aid kit contains essential supplies for the treating of burns, cuts, fractures and other common injuries. Assemble your own first aid kit, customise the contents according to your family’s needs, and refresh the supplies regularly.

Essential supplies in a first aid kit:
Vinyl Gloves x 1

Protects the rescuer from
infection transmitted via
blood and bodily fluids

Thermometer Strip x 1

Measures human
body temperature


Cuts dressing and bandages


Pulls out stings and other small foreign objects embedded in the skin/wounds

Resuscitation Face Shield

Serves as a protective layer during CPR

Adhesive Tape

Secures bandages


Triangular bandages for slings and crepe bandages to wrap around wounds


Protects the wound from exposure to dirt and other sources of infection

Learn how to do CPR and use an AED

In the event that someone has a cardiac arrest, responding early with chest
compressions and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) can
greatly increase a person’s chance of survival. Learn how to restart a heart. Every
household should have at least one member equipped with life-saving skills.

*For Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents

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