FREE Mouth Gargle

for all Interested Households

Register & Self-collect

All interested households are eligible to register for self-collection, starting from 15 November, Monday.

Registration Date

All residential households in 1 to 4-room HDB flats:
An additional small bottle of mouth gargle will be delivered to you via Singapore Post between 25 October and 19 November. You do not need to take any action.

How to Register & Self-Collect

About the Mouth Gargle

Temasek Foundation is providing free mouth gargle for every interested Singapore household.

The povidone iodine mouth gargle kills germs that cause sore throat. As Singapore adapts to living with COVID-19 as an endemic infection, it is important for everyone to remain cautious and diligent in keeping ourselves and the community safe.

Why use mouth gargle?

phase 2 mouth gargle bottle

Received this mouth gargle?
(for all interested households: see Register & Self-collect)

phase 1 mouth gargle bottle

Received this mouth gargle?
(for households in 1-4 room HDB flats)

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